Accelerated B.S. with a major in nursing

Program Requirements

Admission into the program:

  • Applicants must have a bachelor's degree prior to matriculation into the nursing program in order to be eligible for admission.
  • Applicants must have completed at least one term of Anatomy and Physiology by the application deadline of January 5 and have a reasonable plan to complete all prerequisite coursework prior to matriculation. Please note that all science prerequisite courses (A&P, Microbiology, Nutrition, Genetics, and statistics) must be complete within 7 years of the start date of the program.
  • Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Applicants are evaluated on the cumulative GPA from all previous coursework. All applications are reviewed by the undergraduate faculty admissions committee and must meet minimum GPA requirements.

Prerequisite courses – Applicants must complete the following coursework with a grade "B-" or better in each course:

Anatomy and Physiology - 12 quarter credits: A full sequence of human anatomy and physiology with laboratory, inclusive of all body systems. This sequence must be taken in its entirety. The first term of A&P must be completed prior to application to the nursing program; the full sequence must be taken prior to matriculation into the program. Note: Chemistry or Biology may be required prior to the A&P sequence at some colleges/universities; please check individual college requirements.

Nutrition - 3 quarter credits: Class should cover biological functions, dietary sources of essential nutrients and the relationship of diet to health.

Human Development - 3 quarter credits: Course should cover the social and psychological developmental process of human life including the full lifespan (birth through death) Courses that cover only a part of the life span will not be accepted.

Microbiology with lab – 3-4 quarter credits: Basic Microbiology with laboratory component. If a course in microbiology with laboratory is available for only 3 quarter credits, then this will be accepted.

Introduction to Genetics (a course or a module within a course) – 3-4 quarter credits: Any human biology course that includes a human genetics component and indicates this inclusion in the college catalog course description. This requirement can not be met through the Microbiology or  Anatomy and Physiology courses.

Statistics – 3-4 quarter credits: Course needs to include both descriptive and inferential components. If there is a choice between one type or another, take the descriptive. It is not necessary to take two courses in order to get inferential statistics. Statistics may be taken in any department (e.g. Math, Psychology, Business, etc.)

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Additional requirements if accepted into the program:

Expected Proficiencies:

Nursing is an exciting and demanding profession. Nurses must possess the physical and mental capacity to practice nursing safely. Individuals entering school to pursue a career in nursing must:

  • be able to learn to think critically; analyze with diagnostic and therapeutic judgments
  • have enough self reflective ability to acknowledge evaluation and respond appropriately
  • possess sufficient interpersonal skills to develop rapport and positive relationships with a wide range of diverse clients
  • possess enough perseverance, diligence and consistency to complete the school of nursing curriculum
  • be able to tolerate physically taxing workloads, function effectively under stress, adapt to changing environments, display flexibility and function in the face of uncertainties in the clinical situations of many clients
  • possess sufficient sensory, visual, hearing, and psychomotor agility to independently perform clinical skills
  • be able to learn to respond with precise, quick, and appropriate action in emergency situations, and be able to learn to perform under stress when confronted with emergency, critical or unusual situations in which working speed and sustained attention are critical
  • be able to speak and write with accuracy, efficiency, sensitivity, and clarity

If you are accepted you may be asked to verify that you meet these expected proficiencies.


Please visit our applying page for detailed application instructions.

Important Note: Letters of Recommendation and Résumé's are not accepted for this program.

This Web page is a guide; final decisions regarding the acceptance of prerequisite course work is made by the OHSU Registrar's Office. The OHSU School of Nursing reserves the right to make changes to the academic program structure.

Please send questions about program information to proginfo@ohsu.edu.