Videos and Podcasts

APA and Citations

Tutorial on APA Style – Are you wondering just what APA style is?  Or do you simply need a refresher?  This is an easy to understand explanation about the basics of APA and citations.

APA Style Guide introduction – Do you find the APA manual overwhelming and even downright scary?  You're not alone!  This video will help you learn how to use it and locate some of its most useful parts.

APA Format Citation-Sixth (6th) Edition – This is a step-by-step video to help you actually format your paper in APA style including the ever-confusing "Running head!"

Paraphrasing and Direct Quotation: A Brief Primer -  Great video on differences between paraphrasing and quoting.

Writing Tips

Organizing Your Paper

The MEAL Plan: A Brief Explanation – This is a must to improve your writing!  This technique can help you organize your draft at both the paragraph and whole-paper levels.

Initial Outlines - Wondering where to begin? Watch this video to help you get started writing your paper.

Reverse Outlining: A Tool for Revision – You're done writing your paper, but you think something's not quite right.  Reverse outlining is an excellent tool to organize your draft and check it for coherence.  Find out about it here!

Grammar Tips

How to Write Better - Writing Tips on Voice, Tense, Perspective, Cliche and Wordiness – The title says it all. Includes a very clear explanation of the difference between active and passive voice.

Grammar Elements and Parts of Speech Videos - Short videos to help clear up your questions about grammar basics, parts of speech, and punctuation.

Understanding Research Articles

From Idea to Library – This short video resolves the mystery of what research articles are and where they come from.

Learning Support

Test Taking Strategies – Do you get nervous before an exam?  Worried about an up-coming test?  This video can help!  Specific, user-friendly techniques are explained in a light-hearted manner.

Ted Talks

Check out these enlightening videos when you have a little more time:

Body Language and Communication – How your body language affects what you communicate.  Interesting and informative!

Communicating Science - This clip, "Talk Nerdy to Me," has great tips on how to better convey scientific information (like nursing information!)

Narrative Medicine - This is a poignant video that could profoundly change how you approach your nursing practice.

Graduate Students

Writing for Publication
These 3 videos will help guide you through the process of publishing your own journal article.

Podcast Part 1 - Getting Started

Podcast Part 2 - How to Succeed in Publication

Podcast Part 3 - Submission Process for a Research Journal