English as a Second Language writing support is available as a one-on-one consultation or in the form of small group writing workshops. Please contact Dr. Taylor to set up consultations. Check out these websites for helpful tools and advice.

Dave's ESL Cafe - There are all sorts of helpful tools in the “Stuff for Students” tab of this website including grammar lessons and quizzes.

English Language Reference - This webpage, based out the United Kingdom, includes links to useful reference materials including online dictionaries and definitions of English grammar terms such as irregular verbs, phrasal verbs, and idioms.

ESL Student Handbook - Includes many relevant topics for ESL students like reading strategies and improving coherence and cohesion in your writing.

Grammar and Mechanics – This Purdue Owl online webpage has resources for both ESL Students and ESL Instructors. Practical instructions for a variety of topics including how to use articles (a/an/the).

Portland ESL Network – Do you feel like you need more English instruction but don’t know where to find a class? This website provides information about ESL classes in and around Portland. Includes information about times, locations and whether there is a fee. Many of the classes are free.