What Learners are saying about us

Here's what learners are saying about our trainings: 

"Interacting with other members of the community was helpful." (Interprofessional Evidence-Based Falls Prevention Workshop; Coos Bay, Ore.; November 2011)

"Loved the research on Vitamin D3 and Tai Chi programs.  I previously did not understand the role of Vitamin D3, but am now a believer!" (Interprofessional Evidence-Based Falls Prevention Workshop, Lake Oswego, Ore.; June 2011)

"Information was concise and practical--stuff I could use. Improve? More time." (Dementia: Practical Tips for Primary Care Clinicians workshop, Warm Springs, Ore. – April 2009)

"That was one of the best GEC conferences I've attended . . . so much inspiration and innovation!  The enthusiasm was contagious . . . thanks again!" (2009 Summer Institute conference attendee, June 2009)

"Excellent.  Although I am aware of the assessments, I often am busy doing other things with the patients and forget these most important behavioral, cognitive, & fall goals." (Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia, Falls Prevention, and Office-Based Assessment of Older Persons Workshop, Brookings, Ore., June 2009)  

"We wanted to thank you for inviting Dr. Inouye and Dr. Baker to OHSU to speak and for encouraging the house officers to attend their talks. The conferences were outstanding and very practical. This was a great educational opportunity for those who attended.  We again appreciate all your time and effort in providing excellent learning opportunities for the residents."    (Delirium in Older Persons: Pervasive, Perilous and Preventable" Visiting Professorship in Geriatrics co-hosted by OHSU's School of Medicine and the OGEC, October 2009 – provided by the OHSU Chief Residents).    

Here's what learners are saying they'll do differently after attending our trainings:  

"Implement Timed Up & Go (TUG) score consistently, utilize orthostatics screenings more consistently, promote tai chi in my facility."  (Interprofessional Evidence-Based Falls Prevention Workshop, Coos Bay, Ore., November 2011).

"[Think about] more non-pharmacological recommendations to reduce falls, review why patients are not on Vitamin D, recommend the Timed Up and Go tool."  (Interprofessional Evidence-Based Falls Prevention Workshop, Lake Oswego, Ore., June 2011)


"Strongly recommend that [the] patient and family talk about advanced directives and actually put [the] patient's wishes in writing while still able to do so."

"Screen better for dementia."

"[Treat the Mini Mental Status Exam] more "like a screening mammogram"  (Dementia: Tools for Caring for Patients and Caregivers workshop in Klamath Falls, Ore., February 2009)

"Start conversations about driving sooner."  (Dementia: Practical Tips for Primary Care Clinicians workshop, Warm Springs, Ore. – April 2009)