Teaching Resources

Since 2001, the National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence have created many valuable teaching resources. In addition, several of our own OHSU School of Nursing faculty and other national experts have developed gerontological instructional materials. At this site you will find several links to some of these resources. For an extended list of teaching resources see the ECLEPs Instructional Materials and Peer Reviewed Gerontological Web Resources.


The peer reviewed gerontologic resources found in ECLEPs’ were developed as an easy-to-use reference for faculty wanting to infuse nursing courses with gerontologic content. The Pier Reviewed Web Resources were primarily identified from published articles, existing websites, the Google online search engine, or faculty recommendations


Consult GeriRN

ConsultGeriRN.org is the evidence-based geriatric clinical nursing website of The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, at New York University's College of Nursing

Geriatric Nursing Education Consortium: Augmenting geriatric content (GNEC)

GNEC is a national initiative of AACN to enhance geriatric content in senior-level undergraduate nursing courses. GNEC produces the "Faculty Development Project: Enhancing Gerontology in Senior-level Undergraduate Courses." Administered by AACN in collaboration with the Hartford Institute, this program augments geriatric content in senior-level undergraduate nursing courses.

Geriatric Pain

Geriatric Pain is a source for free, evidence-based tools and bestpractices for clinicians working with older adults to help improve painoutcomes for residents, change organizational standards for pain outcomes, and save time identifying and evaluating quality tools.

Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing

Resources for Teaching Gerontologic Nursing is a free public collection of geriatric nursing education resources for school of nursing faculty who want to include content on older adults in their undergraduate and associate degree curricula.

Older Adult Focus

The materials on this website were created for people who work with or plan to work with older adults, but may not have had specific education in gerontology or geriatrics. This website contains multiple learning activities designed to assist you to develop and evaluate competencies for working with older adults.

Portal of Geriatric Online Education

POGOe https://www.pogoe.org/ is a comprehensive and free collection of expert, contributed geriatrics educational materials for educators and learners. Resources include interactive, geriatrics education modules; competency, matched education materials; and access to peer reviewed articles.

Try This:® Assessment Instrument Series

Tools and resources for achieving the best practices in the care of older adults.