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Those of us at the HCGNE are highly involved in developing and promoting programs responsive to your needs as gerontological experts. Some of the most recent programs include:

Geriatric Seminar Series

The Portland Area Geriatric Seminar Series: Excellence in Care, Research and Education was initiated in 2011 by Dr. Sarah Goodlin, Associate Professor, OHSU School of Medicine and Chief of Geriatrics at PVAMC and Dr. Terri Harvath, former OHSU SON Professor and former Director of the John A. Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence.  These evidence-based, interdisciplinary seminars focus on geriatric care, research and education. They are hosted by multiple Portland area healthcare organizations.

Theresa Goodell


Gerontological Residency Program

Area Gerontological Nurse Leaders are collaborating with colleagues at University of Wisconsin - Madison to create a residency program that will better prepare nurses for successful careers in the care of older adults.