Enriched Clinical Learning Environments through Partnerships in LTC (ECLEPs)

ECLEPs is a partnership of academic, practice, regulatory, and professional organizations. Created in 2006, ECLEPs provides training and resources to develop nursing homes and assisted living facilities as excellent clinical sites for nursing students to learn best practices in the care of older adults. ECLEPs activities create the capacity to positively impact the care of older Oregonians by:

  • Improving practice in skilled nursing and residential care settings,
  • Providing clinical experiences focusing on older adults for all nursing students, and
  • Improving work environments in LTC that may lead to recruitment and retention of nurses who desire to care for this population.

Replication Manual

Through the various forms of ECLEPs, we have learned a lot about what makes successful partnerships and excellent student experiences. The Replication Manual is designed to share some of those lessons learned. We hope that other schools of nursing and long-term care agencies will find this information useful as they seek to develop and strengthen partnerships that benefit student learning and resident care.

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Educational Voiceover Powerpoint Presentations

Aging in Oregon, Understanding Longterm care for Services for the Older Adult

Peer Reviewed Gerontological Web Resources

The peer reviewed gerontologic resources were developed as an easy-to-use reference for faculty wanting to infuse nursing courses with gerontologic content. Web resources were primarily identified from published articles, existing websites, the Google online search engine, or faculty recommendations.

Sites were specifically selected for their applicability for student learning at the pre-RN licensure level.

All sites underwent primary review by one of the site-list authors, who also developed the descriptive information. Sites were reviewed for their application to student learning and their evidence base. All sites and annotated descriptions were reviewed by all four authors. This information was accurate and linkages were active on January 31st, 2012.

The websites are listed alphabetically, please use the below links to get information.

A-G ECLEPS Resources

H-N ECLEPS Resources

O-R ECLEPS Resources

S-Z ECLEPS Resources