ECLEPS Resources S-Z

Occupational therapist Teepa Snow is a dementia expert who trains and consults for health care professionals and families privately.Content   Videos and links to videos explaining dementia & care techniques for the resident with dementia.

Suggestions for use: Show videos in class with discussion after. Independent study for students about dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Appropriate for community/population-based courses, chronic illness, & health promotion.


This Caring Home

This site for caregivers includes an interactive "virtual home" with product guides, safety information, videos and animations. This site is well organized and addresses all aspects of the daily life of the dementia client and helpful hints and guides for the caregiver. There are links to other videos, experts, and product information. There is an emphasis on safety for both the caregiver and receiver.

Suggestions for use: Students could explore this site in order to gain an appreciation for the complexities of caring for dementia clients at home. Have a discussion on what they learned or what was most helpful (biggest "ah ha"). This is a good resource for the "day in the life" activity and the student could imagine what it might be like to be a spouse or other family caregiver of a loved one with dementia. Could be used in Chronic or Population courses.


Transitional Care & Pressure Ulcers Project Toolkit: Acumentra Health

The Pressure Ulcers Toolikit is designed to "support your organization's quality improvement efforts. They can be used by care providers who want to improve their individual organization's measures for preventing or minimizing pressure ulcers. They can also be used to guide a cross-setting cluster of care providers who want to achieve improvements in pressure ulcer care within their community." Best practices are available for a variety of settings, hospitals, nursing homes, community-based care and home health and hospice.

Suggestions for use: Background information r/t pressure ulcers. Independent study re: examples of audits/best practices. Population nursing, leadership, chronic & acute care courses. A good resource for planning a performance improvement project (PIP) or for auditing pressure ulcers.


Transitional Care Model (TCM) - When You or a Loved One Requires Care

The heart of the TCM is the Transitional Care Nurse (TCN), who follows participating patients from the hospital into their homes, and using an evidence-based care coordination approach, provides services designed to streamline plans of care and interrupt patterns of frequent acute hospital or emergency department use and health status decline. The TCN collaborates with patients' physicians in the implementation of tested protocols with a unique focus on increasing patients' and caregivers' ability to manage their care. In published studies of the model, the nurse who implements the intervention is an Advanced Practice Nurse who has a masters degree in nursing with advanced knowledge and skills in the care of older adults.

Suggestions for use: Use all or parts of video as introduction to elements of discharge planning for students in acute care & community nursing courses.


United Hospital Fund (UHF) Next Step in Care: Next Step In Care Homepage

Designed to help family caregivers of chronically or seriously ill patients navigate the health care system. Next Step in Care provides easy-to-use guides to help family caregivers and health care providers work closely together to plan and implement safe and smooth transitions for chronically or seriously ill patients." A campaign of United Hospital Fund. Contains many resources for family caregivers with pages that are easy to read and navigates. Provides a guide: "How to Get the Most from the Next Step in Care Website." Caregiver guides are also provided in Chinese, Spanish, & Russian.

Suggestions for use: Use the "Reducing stress…" guide for students in acute care, as background information or as reflection post-clinical. The "self assessment" could be used in Leadership or Population-based courses. Independent study: Have students evaluate the site from the family caregiver perspective. Would they refer families to this site?


Virginia Geriatrics: Quick Consults

A resource developed by Virginia Commonwealth University and supported by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation. One page evidenced-based guides on various topics to help clinicians address issues on older adult. Topics include delirium, falls, medications to avoid, sleep, decision making ability and more.

Suggestions for use: Good reference for students in the acute care setting needing information in a brief format, quick overview. Could be used as a first stop place for students on the listed topics.