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Faculty who are teaching the next cadre of nurses and conducting ground-breaking research will ultimately lead to the best care possible for older adults.

Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence Faculty

The current faculty of OHSU's Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence are acknowledged leaders in their fields. Members of our faculty are, without exception, highly committed to improving the healthcare of older persons. These faculty are strong educators, researchers, practitioners, and leaders in gerontological nursing. The Center has grown and thrived because of their intellect, hard work, and collaboration.

Pat Berry
Juliana Cartwright
Danita Ewing
Linda Felver
Jane Hagan
Lissi Hansen
Layla Garrigues
Christopher Lee
Frances Lee-Lin
Karen Lyons
Glenise McKenzie
Deborah Messecar
Corey Nagel
Carla Pentecost
Amy Ross
Ruth Tadesse
Kerri Winters-Stone