Hartford Center Awards Three Hearst Foundations Scholarships

The Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence at OHSU is proud to announce three new recipients of The Hearst Foundations' Endowed Scholarship for AY 2017-18. Please join us in congratulating Capella Crowfoot Lapham who is in the Family Nurse Practitioner DNP program and Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner DNP students, Callie Sockler and Christine Lasich. Through their DNP clinical residencies and quality improvement projects they feel confident they can influence practice and policy environments that affect the health and/or health care of older adults.

Capella, Callie, Christine cropped

Scholarship Awarded

Allen Graduation

Michaelson Geriatric Endowed Scholar Awarded!

Congratulations to Master of Nursing Education student,Tiffany Allen, who is the recipient of the Michaelson Geriatric Endowed Scholarship.

Tiffany served as a research assistant on two grants that were focused on older adults with dementia, then went on to graduate from Ashland's undergraduate nursing program with Gerontological Nursing Honors in 2014.

After graduation from her MNE program, Tiffany plans to become a nurse educator and researcher and to continue to be a leader in her community. In the words of faculty member Glenise McKenzie, "She is a gerontology nurse educator's dream come true!"

Daniel Mick

Archbold Scholar Completes PhD

We are very pleased to announce that Daniel Mick, BSN, RN, and now PhD, successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on April 20, 2017. His thesis titled, "Sarcopenic obesity in older female cancer survivors and the association with poor physical function",  may inform health care outcomes for the many older women who survive cancer. His dissertation committee was composed of Kerri Winter-Stone (Chair), Lillian Nail, Nathan Dieckmann, and Lisa Wood.

The last of twenty Patricia G. Archbold Scholars at our School's Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence, Daniel has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Nursing at Heritage University in Washington State, where one of his responsibilities will be integrating more gerontology into the curriculum.


Where in the world is Elizabeth Eckstrom?

Elizabeth in Sweden 2017

This will be her last post as she returns to OHSU the end of October. She is eager to implement some of the things she learned in her travels to Japan, Italy, and from Coast to Coast here in the U.S.