96,000 Square Mile Campus

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Nurses throughout the state of Oregon and the immediate border regions of Washington, Idaho and California, take courses and complete degree programs through the Virtual Campus programs of OHSU School of Nursing:

Baccalaureate Completion Degree for RNs (RNBS)
Master's Degree in Public Health

Master's Degree in Nursing Education

Master's Degree in Health Systems & Organizational Leadership

Post-Master's Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) Degree

The "Virtual" campus is not a place you can drive to. It is an online space students access from anywhere at any time. Students take courses in online classrooms hosted in a course management system (Sakai) that allows them to view lectures by their instructor, turn in assignments, participate in class discussions, and work on group projects with fellow students. Some programs may require quarterly intensives as part of the curriculum. They have first class access to the resources of the OHSU Library, including databases and books available online.

Many students and faculty feel that the quality of community between learners in an online environment equals and sometimes surpasses the quality of connection available in a face-to-face classroom, while providing much greater convenience. If you are a self-motivated learner with a busy life who would like to take classes or complete a degree from the comfort of your own home, the Virtual campus may be just the right campus for you.