Alumni invited to participate in HOST program

September, 25, 2017

New England is beautiful in the fall. If, however, you are a fourth-year medical student traveling for residency interviews, you are more likely to be thinking about mastering the Boston subway than admiring the foliage. Can you help?

Each fall, fourth-year M.D. students travel for interviews at residency programs across the nation. Alumni based outside of Portland, Ore., have become increasingly invaluable resources for students embarking on a busy – and expensive – schedule of residency interviews. 

Volunteers for OHSU's Help Our Students Travel (HOST) Program provide information about a residency program, discuss life in their part of the country and/or even offer a bed for the night. (This really helps student travel budgets!)

Accessing the accumulated knowledge and advice of local and regional experts allows our students to make more informed decisions about residency alternatives. No one knows those programs as well as someone who has been through them or is still involved. Alumni and students have met over chicory coffee, grits, barbeque and lobster to gain deeper insights into the next stage of their journey.

If you live outside the Portland metro area and are willing to be contacted by students traveling to residency interviews, please let us know. Any contact, from phone calls to meals to overnight accommodation are deeply appreciated and of great benefit to our students. Learn more. For further information, please email or call (503) 220-8324.