VA Computer Access

VistA/CPRS access automatically closes (disuses) at 90 days of inactivity. After 180 days of inactivity, the accounts automatically terminate.  The termination of a VistA account deletes ALL menus, keys, and electronic signatures.  

The network (Windows) account is disabled at 45 days, and deleted at 90 days of inactivity. This policy is in place to keep the accounts from being misused in a way that could leave the patient data vulnerable. 

Residents and fellows that are planning on returning to a VA rotation need to log into this site periodically to prevent account deletion or disabling. It is the responsibility of the resident or fellow to ensure that computer access does not lapse.

To prevent loss of access, complete the following steps every 30 days:
1.    From any computer, go to: https://varwest.vpn.va.gov 
2.     Log in to the network
3.    Log in to CPRS or VistA
4.    Follow instructions for changing password if necessary
5.    Keep track of your password

If an account is disused or disabled (i.e. more than 45 days of inactivity but less than 90 days) or terminated (more than 90 days of inactivity):
1.    Call 55909 and the help desk will submit a “ticket” or work order.  
2.    Expect a minimum of three working days before access is restored.
3.    Once accounts are reopened or recreated, it is the supervisor's responsibility (program director or program coordinator) to request the missing menus and keys (same request used for new resident/fellows).  
4.    The Portland Help Desk is not able to grant any of the CPRS security keys (i.e. ability to sign orders), those must be requested from the Clinical Application Coordinators (CAC).  The program coordinator should send an e-mail to VHAPOR-TIM CAC from a VA e-mail account or ask the help desk who the CAC is for the department.
5.    Once access is re-established, the resident/fellow will need to create a new electronic signature code.  Instructions will be given for this.
6.    If your account is terminated, personal templates that were created in CPRS will be lost.
7.    The Portland Help Desk does not accept walk-ins. People who come to the office are directed to find a phone and call x55909 for the R01 Help Desk and to enter a work ticket.  

In cases where CPRS/VistA/VA network access is emergent, contact the VA operator and ask for the AOD to be phoned. The AOD will contact the ON Call Staff for assistance.