Meal Tickets

Lost Meal Tickets:
If you have lost your ID Badge and thus your meal ticket, please come to the GME Office to get a new barcode and paperwork for a replacement ID Badge.

Meal Ticket Policies:
Each resident/fellow who has a schedule that requires staying at OHSU beyond the usual workday or involves all night call, is provided with a meal ticket. We request that residents/fellows provide the first meal of their day, but subsequent meals are paid for by the OHSU Hospital.

If a resident/fellow works for a period of longer than 12 hours, the Graduate Medical Education Office will provide monies for one meal ($7, usually for dinner). If a resident/fellow works a 24-hour call, the Graduate Medical Education Office will provide monies for two meals ($12, usually for dinner and breakfast). If a resident/fellow works a 28-hour call, the GME Office will provide monies for three meals ($18).

For a list of amounts assigned to each program by rotation, please contact your program coordinator. Each time you use your meal ticket, you will receive a receipt that indicates how much money is left on your account. If you use your meal ticket as intended and are running out of funds, please contact the GME Office for a review of your account. Monies will be rolled over from month to month.

You may elect to have a percentage of your meal ticket monies put onto a gift card to be used at the Daily Cafe and Coffee Bar at the Center for Health and Healing (CHH). The percentage will be the same for the entire academic year. Because the cards are treated like cash, they are not replaceable if lost.

Please do not use your meal ticket funds to pay for meals for faculty, students, or other staff or non-food items.

You may use your meal ticket at the 3rd floor OHSU Hospital cafeteria, Hatfield Café, CEI Café, OPC Café, Multnomah Pavilion Café, Mac Hall Cafe and at the coffee carts. The only places at OHSU that will not accept meal tickets are the Daily Cafe and the Starbucks in Doernbecher Children's Hospital.