Resident/Fellow Employment & Benefits


OHSU residents/fellows are provided various plans from which to choose for medical, dental, vision, prescription and life insurances, with optional coverages including disability, AD&D and family coverage.  Basic coverage begins for the residents/fellows on their first day, with changes/family members added the first day of the month following their enrollment.  OHSU pays for most of the costs of the monthly premium for employees and part of the costs of the monthly premium for spouses and children. 

Residents/fellows are required to have medical and dental insurance, whether they are provided by OHSU or through an outside group plan. In addition, all residents/fellows are provided with vision, prescription, and $25,000 in life insurance coverage at no cost to them.  The package also includes options for additional life insurance, disability coverage, a dependent care flexible spending account and healthcare flexible spending account.

Benefits Summary 2015

The GME office staff will assist each incoming resident/fellow with their benefits selections, and all OHSU employees can change their benefits annually during the Open Enrollment period in October.  Changes in benefits made by October 31st will go into effect January 1 of the following year.  Please note: if an employee wishes to continue a Health Care or Dependent Flexible Spending Account for the following calendar year, they must renew them annually.   If an employee doesn't have any changes to make, all other benefits will continue without interruption.

Outside of the open enrollment period, changes can be made to your benefits only if you have have a qualified family status change, including birth, marriage, divorce, benefits changes for working spouse, etc.

Medical Insurance Provided through Moda: 250 PPO or OHSU PPO
Or the more expensive options: OHSU PPO Standard and the 250 PPO Standard

Moda Health
Group Number: 10001819
Phone: 1-855-232-6898

ODS Prescriptions
Group Number: 10001819
In Portland: (503) 412-4060
Outside Portland: (866) 939-1660

Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Group Number: 12157430
Phone: 800-877-7195

Moda Dental Insurance
Group Number: D994
Phone in Portland: 503-265-2965
Phone Outside Portland: 888-217-2365

Kaiser Permanente Dental Insurance
Group Number: 8553
Phone in Portland: 503-813-2000
Phone Outside Portland: 800-813-2000
Willamette Dental Group
Group Number: Z144
Phone: 855-433-6825


OHSU offers wellness programs that employees can participate in to receive lower premiums on the OHSU PPO and 250 plans. Review the Plan Requirements page for details about the requirements which must be completed by Sept. 30, 2014 to be eligible in 2015 for the lower-cost OHSU PPO and 250 PPO plans.



Residents/fellows are eligible for three weeks of annual paid vacation. This vacation is not cumulative from year to year. All residents/fellows are entitled to three weeks with pay annually for absence from service due to illness, bodily injury, necessity for medical or dental care, or because of illness or death in the immediate family of the resident/fellow or the resident's/fellow's spouse. Sick leave is cumulative throughout the term of service of the resident/fellow.


If a resident/fellow takes FMLA or OFLA leave, the GME office must be notified in order to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed. Please contact Cliff Cox at 503-494-8652 or coxcl@ohsu.edu as soon as you know that you will be taking leave. 

Visit the OHSU Human Resources page for details about FMLA.

The Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) are laws that protect your employment status while time is taken for maternity/paternity responsibilities or to care for a family member. FMLA provides 12 weeks of protected leave with benefits after 12 months of employment.  OFLA provides 12 weeks of protected leave after 6 months of employment, however benefits are only covered until paid leave is exhausted.


For information about a $450 credit offered to residents or their spouses who give birth at OHSU, please contact the GME office at 503-494-8652.


Parking is limited on the university grounds. A space, however, is always assured for every resident/fellow who purchases parking. Parking is available at a reduced cost for residents/fellows and can be automatically deducted from paychecks before taxes are applied. Alternatively, TriMet passes for bus and light-rail services are provided at substantially reduced prices for residents/



OHSU does not provide living accommodations for residents/fellows or their families, although the office of Graduate Medical Education, as well as individual departments, may be able to provide helpful information regarding relocation and housing. For an off-campus housing list, visit the Academic and Student Affairs website.


Professional liability insurance is provided to residents/fellows through OHSU and covers all duties and acts performed within the scope of the training program. A resident/fellow appointed through Graduate Medical Education is indemnified and defended by the university through the provision of the Oregon Tort Claims Act (ORS 30.260 through 30.300) when acting in the scope and course of his/her employment by the university. The coverage is maintained in such a manner as to create no tail exposure for any resident/fellow after they have completed their training program. Please contact Risk Management at 503-494-7189


All OHSU employees with patient contact are required to pass a pre-employment drug screening, and all OHSU employees are required to pass a background check.   The GME Office provides instruction about these screenings for all new residents/fellows.


OHSU has a close affiliation with the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center ("VA"), and most of our residents are required to complete rotations at the VA. The VA is a federal employer and requires all residents/fellows who rotate at the VA to sign an appointment agreement, take an oath of office administered by the VA, and be fingerprinted by the VA in order to obtain a VA ID badge. 

Online Training

Residents/Fellows are required to complete online training programs. To complete the online training from an on-campus computer workstation, login at the Big Brain page. Those individuals rotating at the Portland VAMC also need to complete VA online modules.


The salary levels for residents/fellows for the 2014 - 2015 academic year are listed below.  The annual salary is dependent upon the level of postgraduate training the resident/fellow has completed within the United States.

Training Level                           Salary

PGY1                                     $52,000

PGY2                                     $54,300

PGY3                                     $56,700

PGY4                                     $60,000

PGY5                                     $62,700

PGY6                                     $65,500

PGY7                                     $68,400

PGY8                                     $71,600

Contact GME

Please direct GME questions to:OHSU Graduate Medical Education
Mail Code: L579
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd.
Portland, OR 97239
p: 503-494-8652
f: 503-494-8513

We are located on the 4th floor of Mackenzie Hall, Room 4148.

Resident & Faculty Wellness Center
For confidential, resident-specific counseling, please contact the center at 503-494-1208.