VA Courtesy Print

In order to expedite your VA check in process, we are asking that you get courtesy fingerprinting done at a VAMC close to your current location.  This will greatly reduce the amount of check in time that you will need to spend at the VA in Portland.

In order to get your courtesy prints, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to http://www.va.gov.  Click on “Locations” and then “Hospitals and Clinics."  From this map, you can determine the VA Medical Center closest to your current location by clicking on the state.  Fingerprints are available at all VA Medical Centers.


  • Call your selected VA Medical Center to make an appointment to have courtesy prints done.  When setting up this appointment, please confirm with VA personnel what pieces of identification are acceptable.  


  • When you arrive for your appointment, be sure to bring two pieces of valid, ID (as confirmed when you made the appointment) and the following information so that your results get routed back to the Portland VAMC.  

    Please bring the following information with you to your courtesy print appointment: The local VA would need to pass along PVAMC’s:

    Site Organizational Number SON: 1141 and our Site Organizational Identifier SOI: VA79
    for the remote VAMC to put into the fingerprint machine at the time of printing.  

    In addition, please have them type the word “Resident” in the field “Position.” This will ensure that the results come back to us here in the Portland VAMC.
    For Questions or if you have problems scheduling with your local VA, please contact the Portland VA Security Team at 503-273-5236


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