VA Background Check

The VA Background check information must be completed online. In addition, you must print a Release Form and Certification and mail these items back to the GME Office by April 19, 2013. *Please note: e-Qip will not be available to populate until April 8th.

Below, you will find instructions for completing your VA Background Investigation electronically. Although you can enter all of this information electronically, the system still requires that you print and sign a Release Form & Certification.We need these signed documents before processing of your background check can begin.You may fill out the information on a computer that is not connected to a printer, but DO NOT SUBMIT until you are on a computer that can print out the two documents.

If you require assistance with the VA background check, please call the Portland VA HR Security Team at 503-273-5236.

Completing your VA Background Investigation

This will only work on a PC, it is not compatible with a Macintosh computer- please be sure that you complete this module on a computer that is connected to a printer.

Turn on TLS 1.0 Setting

1.Open Internet Explorer

2.Click on Tools, then Internet Settings

3.Click on the Advanced Tab

4.Scroll all the way down to the bottom

5.Put a checkmark in the box "Use TLS 1.0"
(See arrow in the inset box and leave all
others alone.)

6.Click on OK.

If you do *NOT* see 3 green "OK"s after verifying settings, you could be experiencing browser technical problems. Please call the OPM Help Desk at 1-866-631-3019. (Hours of operation: 6:30 am to 10:30 pm EST Monday Friday and 7:30 am to 3:00pm EST on Saturday).

VA Background Check Instructions

Log in to www.opm.gov/e-qip

2.Click on 'Enter e-QIP Applicant Site.'

3.A utility will run to check compatibility. If you do not see 3 Green OKs, see reverse side of sheet for instructions.

4. Enter your Social Security Number at the welcome screen and click 'submit.'

5.Answer the 3 default Golden Questions.(Year of Birth, Last Name, City of Birth)

6.Create 3 new Golden Questions and Answers. Write down the answers and keep them in a safe place. These answers will be required to access e-QIP each time.

7.Enter your data.

8. The questionnaire saves your information as you proceed through the sections. You can log out and log in at any time and still be able to continue.

9.Although you will be given the opportunity to state "Don't Know the Requested Information," this is not actually an option. The information requested is REQUIRED. Your application will not be processed without this information.

10.Read the instructions carefully in each section. Address any and all errors. Data validation occurs after each section.

11. Common mistakes include: providing only a first name for a person; not providing a complete street address (include the street number!); not providing all three references (Section 11); not including unemployed periods (Section 10); not indicating a maiden name ("nee"; Section 5); answering 'Unknown' or 'Don't Know'; unclear Name At Birth (can provide in comments).

12.Although the questionnaire states 'do not use immediate family,' if you have no one else to verify a particular piece of information, you may use them. You cannot leave required verifiers or references blank; if you do, your investigation will be rejected and you will be forced to start over.

13.Section 12: Selective Service Numbers can be found at: www.sss.gov

14. Section 13: Military service/certificate numbers are most likely the Social Security Number.

15. You will be asked to Certify your answers.

16. The Release section is last; the archival copy is a copy of all the questions and answers and is for your records only (do not fax it to us).

17.Signature Forms. During the Certify/Release process, you will be prompted to print two signature forms. These two forms need to be filled out and signed in black or blue ink and returned with the rest of your OHSU packet contents.


19. Make sure you go all the way until the end – the investigation must be released before it can be reviewed.

20. Close your web browser.

PIVSecurity@va.govwith Subject: "EQIP question – 'YOUR NAME'"


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VA Courtesy Print
VA Background Check
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