Visiting Residents

All visiting residents must be appointed through the GME office in order to receive credit for their rotations at OHSU. Below is the appointment protocol listing the paperwork needed, as well as necessary forms:

Appointment Protocol for Visiting Residents
Application for Residency/Fellowship

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement     
Patient Confidentiality Statement 
Communicable Disease Screening & Immunization Requirements

Background Disclosure Form

PLA for visiting residents

Emergency Response for Visiting Residents and Fellows 

Important changes for 2011-2012
1. The first three epic modules will be available remotely on line in the Big Brain.

  • EpicCare Fundamentals
  • EpicCare In Basket
  • EpicCare Core Concepts

the resident's name prior to classroom training.

Important change for 2010-2011
1. All items must now be in GME two weeks prior to the start date of the visiting resident's rotation at OHSU.

Two important changes for 2009-2010:
1. OHSU will no longer provide liability coverage for visiting residents. Each visiting resident or fellow must be appointed with their own liability coverage from their home institution. 

2. A Program Letter of Agreement must be in place for the visiting resident.  This PLA will NOT go through the GME office, but will be between the OHSU program and contracts office.

It is the responsibility of the program coordinator or program director to gather these materials as well as to make arrangements for any training, parking, and access needs the visiting resident may have. For questions about visiting residents, please contact Emily Taylor at 503-494-8652.