Program Letters of Agreement

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All resident/fellow activities at non-OHSU sites require a completed Program Letter of Agreement (PLA) prior to any resident/fellow activity at the site.If OHSU has affiliation agreements with these sites, most of these forms are done once every five yearsfor all residents/fellows who go to a specific site. However, if residents/fellows have electivesor flex-time activities that are unique and away from OHSU, then a PLA and an Off-Campus Authorization (OCA; done by the GME office) must be fully completed before they are allowed to go.

Please allow approximately 2 months of lead time for processing paperwork, especially for sites outside of Oregon. Residents/fellows will not have liability insurance coverage for non-OHSU sites if the proper paperwork is not completed and fully signed before they begin their electives. Furthermore, Medicare will not pay for the resident's/fellow'ssalary if a form is not completed and fully signed prior to the beginning of the off-campus activity. The Office of Graduate Medical Education will have to charge the costs of the salary and other payroll expenses (OPE) to your program in these circumstances.

This webpage has a list of all of the sites with which we have affiliation agreements.Please use the pull-down menu to choose the site because that populates the correct legal language into the PLA. If the resident's/fellow's experience is out of state and involves patient care, there are additional questions for the program director to complete.The GME office will submit and monitor the progress of the request for an out-of-state elective through the OCA process until approval is received or denied. The resident/fellow and the program coordinator will be notified when the outcome is known.