The parking office has made a number of accommodations for residents/fellows:

  • Parking is available at a discounted rate of $84 for all residents/fellows without a waiting period. 
  • Residents/fellows are able to purchase annual stickers, which are deducted pre-tax from their paycheck. 
  • Month-by-month hang tags which are not pre-tax can be purchased through the Parking Office
  • Residents/fellows who don't purchase yearly or monthly parking passes, but occasionally need to park on campus may purchase daily, 4-hour, and 2-hour hang tags from the GME Office. Be sure to write the current date clearly. If the date on the hang tag appears to have been changed, your car could be booted and you could be charged with a civil or criminal offense.

Swing Shift
For those programs that have rotations requiring residents/fellows to arrive midday and depart in the middle of the night, there are parking spaces reserved for use after 10:00 am in the Campus Drive Lot under the VA Skybridge on the 7th floor. Please use these spaces only if you have the duty hours described and are in the programs indicated on the sign for the space. 
House Officer Parking - Canyon Log

If residents/fellows have received a parking ticket, they must pay it or appeal it by filling out an appeal form (within 30 days, otherwise the fine will double and their car may be booted.

If you or any residents/fellows have concerns about interactions with parking, please contact the GME office at 503-494-8652.


Contact information:
Parking Office: 503-494-8283-0