Meal Ticket Guidelines

1. Each resident/fellow who has a schedule that requires being at OHSU beyond the usual workday/night is provided with a meal ticket. We request that residents/fellows pay for the first meal of their shift; subsequent meals are funded by the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

2. If a resident/fellow works more than 12 hours, we will provide funds for one meal (usually $7, for dinner). If a resident/fellow works a 24-hour call, we will provide funds for two meals (usually $12, for dinner and breakfast). If a resident/fellow works a 28-hour call, we will provide funds for three meals ($18).

3. We ask program coordinators to provide the average number of long days, 24-hour calls, and 28-hour calls per month based on rotation. We put monies on each resident/fellow barcode each month based on the resident's/fellow's rotation schedule.

4. Every time residents/fellows use their meal tickets, they receive a receipt that indicates how much is left on their accounts. If they use their meal tickets as intended and are running out of funds, please contact the GME office and we will review their account or modify the amount provided for each rotation in your program. Monies will roll over from month to month.

5. Meal ticket monies may be used at the 3rd floor cafeteria, Hatfield Café, CEI Café, OPC Café, Multnomah Pavilion Café, Mac Hall Cafe, It's All Good @ Casey Eye Inst. & 20/20 Cafe and at coffee carts. The only locations on the OHSU campus that are not on the meal ticket system is the Starbucks in Doernbecher. Please see OHSU Cafe Way Finding map for details.

Residents/fellows can request that a percentage of their meal ticket monies be applied toward a gift card for the Daily Cafe and Coffee Bar at the Center for Health and Healing (CHH) to accommodate those who are at the waterfront post-call. Lost Daily Cafe gift cards are not refundable.

6. If residents/fellows lose their IDs and thus their meal tickets, have them come by the GME office in Mackenzie Hall room 4148. We will issue them a replacement meal ticket along with a form for a new ID badge.