Incoming Residents/Fellows

Protocol for Prospective Residents

As soon as you have the names and application materials for incoming residents/fellows, please send them to the GME office. If your program does not use the Main Match of the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP), your due date is February 15 for these materials. If your program uses the Main Match of the NRMP, please send the application materials by Friday of Match Week. 

Download the GME Appointment Matrix

Download a rough template for 2014 Prospective Resident/Fellow offer letters
Please note: It is also helpful for the GME office to get a Program Letter from each program of the following:

  • residents/fellows for the following year, new and returning
  • residents/fellows completing the program or leaving OHSU and the effective date of completion/departure
  • residents/fellows transferring to another program at OHSU or becoming faculty at OHSU and the effective date)

For each incoming resident/fellow, the GME office requires the following:

  1. An ERAS or OHSU application for the current appointment request.
  2. A dean's letter verifying graduation from medical school. For non-U.S. graduates, an ECFMG certificate will suffice.
  3. Written verification on original letterhead--including dates, program name, and evidence of successful completion--for all previous training. Why Do We Verify? Verification Template Prior Training Verification Template Employment     

Verification of Previous Training for all Transfer Residents:

  • A transfer resident is specifically defined by the ACGME either as one who matched for both a preliminary and a categorical program simultaneously, or as one who is moving from one program to another. The latter definition does not include those residents who have successfully completed a residency and then are accepted into a subsequent residency or fellowship. The program directormust obtain written verification of prior education from the current program director. This verification should include evaluations, rotations completed, procedural/operative experience, and a summative competency-based performance evaluation.  
  • For those transfer residents who have matched simultaneously into preliminary and categorical programs, the categorical program directormustobtain from the preliminary program director a letter of verification dated 1-2 months prior to the completion of the preliminary year. This letter should include the following:
  • A statement that the transferring resident is in good standing in [title of] residency program at [name of] institution;
  • A statement that the transferring resident has completed all rotations to date and the program director expects the transferring resident to satisfactorily complete his/her PGY [number of training year] year on June 30, [year of completion, or full date of completion, if not June 30]; and
  • A summary of the transferring resident's rotations and a statement that a summative competency-based performance evaluation will be sent by July 31, [year of completion].

5.  Verification of all staff positions. Click here to view a template for use in verifying prior employment. 6.  An ECFMG certificate for all foreign medical graduates. For all non-U.S. citizens, please notify the GME office of employability issues.  The GME office facilitates the following:

  • Annual contracts
  • All new-hire paperwork
  • Benefits packets
  • VAMC paperwork
  • Limited license applications
  • Two lab coats per house officer
  • An ID badge
  • Business cards
  • Master Doctor Number
  • A long distance authorization code
  • pager
  • OHSU institutional DEA number
  • Obtaining the resident/fellow NPI number
  • Parking Arrangements
  • Photo for House Officer photo roster

Program coordinators are asked to  prepare the following for incoming residents:

  • Business cards directly into the AlphaGraphics online order form:http://us243.alphagraphics.com/
  • Building and Room Keys
  • Copy Codes
  • Scrubs Access
  • Program-Specific Items
  • Epic and other computer training

The GME office provides a Hospital Orientation session for all incoming residents/fellows to orient them to OHSU policies and procedures. The dates, times, and locations of these sessions are emailed to all program coordinators before the start of the academic year. All incoming residents/fellows must attend one session.  We ask that program coordinators contact us with the date their residents/fellows will attend. GME will pay residents and fellows for all orientation activities and computer training that occur prior to their contractual start date.

Foreign Medical Graduates

OHSU does accept international medical graduates, but they must have an Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certificate before they will be appointed. 

Types of visas accepted are J-1 Clinical and H1-B.  The GME office will facilitate the visa processing for all those accepted, but we ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you are appointing someone who needs a visa. Visa application protocols change frequently, and obtaining a visa can take a significant amount of time. We also ask that you and the applicant do not try to obtain the visa without contacting our office, because there are portions of each visa application that can only be completed by our office (i.e., the Training Program Liaison is Dr. Patrick Brunett, and the ECMFG will not accept any other signature).

J-1 Clinical Visas are easier to obtain and have a fairly short turnaround time (8-10 weeks is typical), but the residents/fellows are required to return to their home countries for at least two years after completing their training program. H1-B visas do not have this requirement, but an applicant must have passed USMLE Step 3 and have a medical license (limited or unlimited) valid for the year of training in order to apply for the H1-B Visa. 

The Office of Graduate Medical Education will fund the H1-B visa.  Please work with the GME office to secure the medical license for H1-B visa applicants; we have a special letter to the OMB that must accompany the application for licensure.

The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduateshas a great deal of information that the applicant may find helpful.

The GME office will also facilitate the application for Non-Standard J-1 Clinical Visas for those in non-ACGME accredited programs.

Contact GME

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We are located on the 4th floor of Mackenzie Hall, Room 4148.

Resident Wellness Center
For confidential, resident-specific counseling, please contact the center at 503-494-1208.