GME Policies

Required Institutional Policies

List of Required Policies

A. Policies that are only institutional
1. Due Process 
2. Non-renewal of Contract and Dismissal      
3. Physician Impairment      
4. Sexual and Other forms of Harassment      
5. Leave of Absence Policy     
6. Residency Reduction/Closure     
7. Restrictive Covenants      
8. Exception to the 80 Hour Workweek      
9. Disaster Preparedness Policy      
10. Accommodations for Residents with Disabilities      
11. Vendor Relationships     
      12. Transfer     
Items reviewed by GMEC and signed by Designated Institutional Official:

a. New Applications for accreditation
       b. Changes in resident complement
       c. Changes in Program structure/Length
       d. Changes in participating institutions
       e. Appointments of new Program Director
       f. Progress Reports
       g. Responses to all Proposed Adverse Actions
       h. Requests for changes or increases in resident duty hours
       i. Requests for inactive status or reactivating programs
       j. Voluntary withdrawal of a program
       k. Requests for an appeal of an adverse action
       l. Appear presentations for a Board or the ACGME

B. Policies that are both institutional and programmatic
1. Resident Recruitment     
2. Resident Selection     
3. Paid Time Off      
4. Duty Hours and Work Environment
5. Moonlighting Policy Moonlighting Agreement      
6. Supervision      
7. Evaluation      
     - Annual Program Review Template       
     - Protocol for Annual Meeting      8. Resident Promotion
     9. Transitions of Care
C. Policies that are only Programmatic
1.The effect of Leave of Absence on Completion
2. Explicit written descriptions of supervisory lines of responsibility for the care of patients

Contact GME

OHSU Graduate Medical Education
Mail Code: L579
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd.
Portland, OR 97239
p: 503-494-8652
f: 503-494-8513

We are located on the 4th floor of Mackenzie Hall, Room 4148.

Resident Wellness Center
For confidential, resident-specific counseling, please contact the center at 503-494-1208.