Most of the funds to pay resident/fellow salaries and other payroll expenses (OPE) as well as support for the GME office come from Medicare (via the annual cost report, a portion of which is completed by the GME office) along with funding sources from our community hospitals and the Portland VAMC.

The GME office uses the master rotation schedule to generate a report indicating when our residents/fellows are at OHSU providing patient care, for which periods we can claim both Indirect Medical Education (IME) and Direct Medical Education (DME) costs.If residents/fellows are at OHSU doing bench research, we can only claim DME.

Our residents/fellows are OHSU employees regardless of the site at which they rotate. The GME office bills the outside hospitals for the salary/OPE and in most cases adds an administrative fee. Of that administrative fee, currently $5000 per FTE per year is returned to the program, since those fees are made up of costs that programs incur when providing training from which the outside hospitals benefit (e.g., in-service exams,recruitment, etc.). The funds exchange applies only to regularly scheduled rotations and clinics, not to electives.

The GME office does not make decisions about funding; that is within the purview of the OHSU Hospital and Clinics.