Departing Residents/Fellows

Departing residents/fellows are required to complete all medical records and turn in their keys and ID badges to Public Safety and 
pagers to the parking office

If they are transitioning to OHSU faculty or another training program, please let the GME office know ASAP so we do not terminate their email accounts, network access, etc. If there is a gap between their new OHSU position and their GME position, it is best to terminate their employment status; this will ensure that they will not have to wait for benefits upon starting their new OHSU position.

If they have a locker in the call rooms in Sam Jackson Hall, they must remove their belongings. They must also return library books, publications, and library cards to the library—both OHSU and Portland VAMC.

They must notify the Oregon Medical Board at the following address of any changes in address and telephone number, or visit theOMB change of address page.

1500 SW First Avenue

Suite 620 Crown Plaza
Portland, OR 97201