GME Staff

Sue Simmons: Director
  • ACGME: Site visits, WebAds, program requirements, changes in resident complement, changes in program directors, changes in training sites
  • GME policies
  • Resident advocate, assuring due process, troubled resident/fellow assistance
  • Agendas for GMEC and GMEC Exec
  • Incoming and outgoing residents/fellows
  • NRMP
  • Resident/fellow spaces, including call rooms and computers
  • Outside Hospitals Liaison/Contracts 

Maya Severson: Associate Director

  • GME Office policies/cyclical events
  • Residency database management system expert - responsible for training, troubleshooting, reports, data mapping, customizations and sharing best practices, billing and Medicare Cost Report
  • Diversity liaison for program directors, coordinators and residents for recruitment and support of diversity efforts
  • Medical education research projects including development of posters and coordination of articles
  • Serves on Duty Hours Subcommittee and ongoing monitoring of institutional duty hours compliance
  • Serves as GME contact for information related to physician workforce in Oregon

Jenny Serafimovka: Fiscal Manager

  • Manages GME budget/Fiscal Analysis, and GME stipends/grants
  • Responsible for all affiliate billing and reconciliations
  • Resident/fellow paychecks
  • Processes appointments and terminations through HR
  • Coordinates and tracks resident/fellow salaries and funding sources, labor distribution

Nathan Naruponjirakul: Senior System/Application Analyst

  • Applications and programming for GME website
  • Assistance with back-end of residency database management system, troubleshooting, reports
  • Residency dashboard

Cliff Cox: Fiscal Administrative Coordinator

  • FMLA, OFLA and other arrangements for resident/fellow leave of absence (first point of contact)
  • Resident/fellow reimbursement

Carlie KennedyAdministrative Coordinator

  • Residency database management system, troubleshooting, reports, data
  • Meal tickets (first point of contact)
  • J-1 Visas/ ECFMG issues/H1B visas for non-US citizen residents/fellows
  • Alphagraphics liaison
  • Audience Response System (Keypoint) contact

Emily Taylor: Administrative Coordinator

  • GME public webpage and O2 site management
  • GME Welcome Booklet
  • Program Letters of Agreement (PLAs)
  • Resident & Fellow photo roster
  • Program Coordinator meeting agenda & Minutes
  • Works with Oregon Medical Board to ensure licensure

Sarah Wilkinson: Administrative Coordinator

  • Moonlighting
  • Arrangements and meetings for Dr. Girard & Dr. Brunett
  • Lab Coats and Scrubs
  • Visiting resident coordination
  • Hospital Orientation
  • Business cards
  • Manage certificates of Completion


Erin Meeker: Administrative Assistant

  • Verifications of prior training/employment
  • Liaison with Resident/Faculty Wellness Program
  • Catering for meetings/room reservations