GME Events

Program Coordinator Professional Development Program (PCPD)

In order to provide recognition to the role of program coordinators in assuring the success of their training programs, GME and PC leaders have created a Certificate Program for Program Coordinators.  

The Program Coordinator Professional Development program series will:

  • Enhance professional development
  • Improve competence with residency management software
  • Expand knowledge of ACGME requirements
  • Develop program leadership skills

 There are three levels of certification:

  • Bronze Level Courses include all of the basic topics
  • Silver Level Courses are in addition to the Bronze Level Courses and include more advanced topics
  • Gold Level Courses is for those program coordinators who wish a depth of knowledge that enables them to teach, help with ACGME preparation, mentorship and leadership. 

Each level leads to a Certificate of Completion, with a financial incentive offered for those who complete all levels.  In order to assure mastery of the topics, there will be curricula developed with a final exam for each level. For those completing all three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) there will be a $1000 one-time payment awarded.

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Core Conference Lecture Series

GME and the Department of Pediatrics host the Core Conference Lecture Series, a series of seminars on a variety of core skills.  

Topics include:

  • Social Media and Confidentiality
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiating a Contract


Core Conference Lecture Series Schedules

2014-2015 schedule

2015-2016 schedule


Please RSVP to   for lunch.

GME Education Days

GME holds a series of educational workshops on a variety of topics for the GME community. Program directors, program coordinators and faculty are welcome to attend. 2014-2015 full schedule TBD.