GME Consultants

Quality Manager

Kim Irish, MS, CPHQ

Kim Irish, MS, CPHQ is the Quality Manager for Graduate Medical Education.  Kim coordinates and provides leadership over GME's quality improvement initiatives and activities. 

Program Improvement Specialist

Amy Miller Juve, Ed.D, M.Ed received a Doctorate of Education with a focus in Educational Leadership, and a Masters of Education in College Student Services and Administration. Amy has a sincere passion for Graduate Medical Education and continuously holds leadership roles within OHSU's GME department including Duty Hours committee, AMA Grant committee, and actively participates in the development of OHSU's Program Leadership committee.

Sleep Consultant

Holger Link

Holger Link, MD., MRCP is the Director of Sleep Education at OHSU and specializes in sleep disorders. Dr. Link holds regular workshops to educate faculty and house staff about sleep and fatigue mitagtion.