Lead Mentor Program


  1. Assist departments and organizations in creating effective mentoring programs for their faculty
  2. Build a community of outstanding mentors in our institution


Each year we train 15-20 “Lead Mentors” who gain an enhanced set of mentoring skills and take their own mentoring to the next level. Participants are able to develop and implement tailored mentoring programs and increase mentoring capacity within their departments or other cross-departmental organizations. Participants benefit by learning from one another's experiences and sharing best mentoring practices across units, as well as reflecting on their own career development in a supportive peer environment.

The program consists of ten 1.5 hour workshop sessions over a six-month period. The sessions, taught by a team of multidisciplinary experts, include content presentations, facilitated group discussions, peer support and practice opportunities. The schedule will alternate between content driven sessions and more case-based learning and project-oriented work sessions.

The program costs are funded by the SOM Office of the Dean. In addition to attending the workshops, participants are asked to commit to invest additional time each month advancing their unit-specific mentoring project.

Contact Patrice Eiff (eiff@ohsu.edu or 494-6610) or Niki Steckler (steckler@ohsu.edu or 346-0366) with any questions.

Schedule (2014-2015)



Applications are currently open for the 2014-2015 year. Please see details below.



All applications for the Lead Mentor Program are to be submitted to the program coordinator by July 31. All applications will be reviewed at one time by a selection committee and applicants will be notified of decision by August 15.

Submit the following materials by July 31 via email to 1. A current biosketch

2. A one-page PERSONAL STATEMENT answering the following questions:

A. What are your professional responsibilities for the next year? (Specify clinical, teaching, administrative and research time.)

B. What are your personal learning objectives for participation in the Lead Mentor program?

C. What specific mentoring project in your unit do you plan to work on through participation in this program?

3. In addition to a personal statement and biosketch, applicants must obtain a letter of support from a "sponsor" - a person in their unit who is empowered to partner with the applicant in plans to enhance mentoring. This could be the Chair/Division Head or another senior leader. The sponsor should comment in his/her letter as to how they will support the applicant in their efort to enhance mentoring in the unit. The letter of support should be addressed to Niki Steckler and sent via campus mail to the Division of Management (Mailcode L473).