The Colleges

Goals of The Colleges

1. To have information on focused topics related to type of medical career desired

2. To get to know physicians/faculty who can serve as resources

3. To offer opportunity to confirm initial practice/ medical interest and to find mentors and resources for those interests

4. To share common interests with peers interested in the same type of medical career

College Advising Sessions

The College Families will meet twice a semester. All will have sessions on the following topics and some might meet together for their sessions:

Fall: Meeting 1 in October

Specialty information (what specialties are found in these locations?) How do the specialties differ? What are the challenges of each? Do they share common features? What types of patient problems do they care for? These questions are addressed by a panel discussion by your faculty advisors.

Tasks: Answer these questions in writing: What specialties that you could choose fits your preferred practice site? Which specialties of these actually fit your interest, values and skills? How does this fit with the AAMC Careers in Medicine website questionnaires? With your MBTI profile?

Fall Meeting 2 in early December

Summer Opportunities related to your specific Academy interest .

Tasks: Write your CV. Write a statement about why you chose your practice goal.

Winter Meeting 1 in January

Planning your curriculum. electives that would be helpful. Panel of 3rd years for 2nd years. Discussion of electives for 1st years by faculty advisors.

Task: Review curriculum and electives offered in years 1-4 and write which you think would best fit your career plan.

Winter Meeting 2 in February

Financial resources and information about the range of incomes earned. Managing debt in residency and beyond.

Task: Making a personal budget.

Spring Meeting 1 in April

Tips for academic success. Panel of 3rd years to discuss USMLE Task: Review Charting Outcomes in the Match for your specialty area of interest.

Spring Meeting 2 in early May

Workforce projections and need. Lifestyle factors in each practice setting.

  • MS 1 write about your summer plan and why you have chosen this
  • MS 2 write about how your chose your clerkship schedule and your personal goals for the coming year

Assignment of First and Second Year Students to Colleges

In the fall of 2012, first and second year students will be assigned to one of the following seven Colleges based on the student's stated future practice setting goal:

  1. Hospital- based acute/critical care – emergency medicine, critical care,anesthesiology,
  2. Global Health and Urban Underserved
  3. Hospital-based Diagnostics and Therapeutics–  radiology, pathology, radiation medicine
  4. Metropolitcan Primary Care-general pediatrics,family medicine
  5. Rural Medicine
  6. Surgical Specialties
  7. Urban Medical Subspecialties- in internal medicine, pediatrics and surgery

Each College will have 3-4 faculty members and a Faculty Master. In addition, there will be 3-4 fourth year students who are peer mentors for each College.

Faculty are expected to be available to meet with the students in their College individually when contacted by a student. Each student will choose an advisor in his or her College by October of each year.

Faculty may be asked to provide information about their specialty to the student such as:
  • What a typical work day is like
  • Training requirements
  • Impact of specialty work on personal/family life.

Additional opportunities for faculty-student interactions:

  • If possible, provide the student with a clinical or research experience
  • Try to share a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) with your student
  • Look at student’s self-assessment information on the AAMC Careers in Medicine website with your advisee

Faculty Masters and College Advisors

  • Jim Anderson, M.D.
  • Aaron Caughey, M.D.
  • Nicole Deiorio, M.D.
  • Dawn Dillman, M.D.
  • Lisa Dodson, M.D.
  • Karen Kwong, M.D.
  • Gordon Noel, M.D.
  • Molly Osborne, M.D.
  • Rebecca Harrison, M.D.
  • Brett White, M.D.
  • Kevin Winthrop, M.D.

Colleges/ Student List