LCME Finance Committee


The Finance Committee will review the student indebtedness issues and possible solutions on how to assess finances for the educational process for the medical students.


  • Jeff Kirsch, MD, Associate Dean for Clinical and Veteran Affairs, Professor and Chair, Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine    


  •  Vicki Fields, Assistant Dean for Medical Education, SOM


  • Irene Barhyte, Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, SOM
  • Scott Fields, MD, MHA, Professor and Vice Chair, Family Medicine; Year 3 & 4 Curriculum Subcommittee Chair
  • Julie Fitzgerald, Assistant Vice President for SOM Development, OHSU Foundation
  • Diana Gernhart, OHSU Hospital CFO, Hospital Administration
  • Joe Gilhooly, MD, Professor and Vice Chair, Pediatrics
  • Susan Hayflick, MD, Professor and Chair, Molecular & Medical Genetics
  • David Robinson, PhD, Interim Provost and VP, Academic and Student Affairs, OHS