LCME Basic Science (MS 1 & 2) Committee


 The focus area of the Basic Science Education Committee is the quality, scope, and relevance of the basic science curriculum (including laboratory experience, research, basic scientific and ethical principles of clinical and translational research, etc).


  • George Olsen, MD, Professor and Vice Chair, Physiology & Pharmacology; Year 1 & 2 Curriculum Subcommittee Chair    


  • Debbie Lehmann, Teaching Services Office Manager, SOM     


  • Gary Ciment, PhD, Associate Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology; GIE Course Director
  • Judy Collins, MD, Associate Professor, Medicine; Metabolism Course Director
  • Tom DeLoughery, MD, Professor, Medicine; Blood Course Director
  • Dawn Dillman, MD, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine; Anesthesiology Clerkship Director; Principles of Clinical Medicine Leadership Team
  • Ken Gatter, MD, Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Pathology; BBOD Course Director
  • Jeff Kraakevik, MD, Assistant Professor, Neurology; Neurology Clerkship Director
  • James Lundblad, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Medicine; Metabolism Course Co-Director
  • Atiya Mansoor, MD, Assistant Professor, Pathology; Circulation Course Director 
  • Bob McKelvey, MD, Professor, Psychiatry; HGD Course Director
  • Megan Troxell, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Pathology; Curriculum Committee Member
  • Buddy Ullman, PhD, Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; CSF Course Director