Career development resources

Career Series

The Career Series was designed to help individuals get the career development assistance they need.  The sessions were taught by a group of multidisciplinary experts. 

Previous Events by topic:


Mentoring Resources

Getting started in and coursing through the academic terrain can be difficult. We believe that the key to successfully navigating the landscape is mentorship. Effective mentoring can mean the difference between reaching independence and missing the mark.


Lead Mentor Program (LMP)

LMP is a peer-mentoring experience in which participants will benefit by learning from one another's experiences and sharing best mentoring practices across units, as well as having the opportunity to increase their mentoring skills and reflect on their own career development in a supportive peer environment.


Leadership & Management Skills

Paths to Leadership (PTL)

PTL is a School of Medicine program designed to provide emerging faculty leaders with the knowledge and skills to be effective leaders and managers.

The OHSU Division of Management (DM)

The DM focuses on educating professionals in all areas of the healthcare industry. Their curriculum emphasizes leadership and the business skills needed to make transformative change.   They offer a large number of courses in project management, change management, and related business and management areas through its Certificate and MS in Healthcare Management programs.

Leadership Foundations

The Leadership Foundations Program is an 8-week, 8-session certificate series designed to provide individuals with management responsibilities with a broad understanding of the behaviors, tools, and resources needed to be successful in a leadership role at OHSU.  Participants are new as well as experienced leaders throughout all missions of OHSU.  Session content includes topics such as Emotional Intelligence & Cultural Competence, Hiring, Building Teams, Leading Change, and Developing & Rewarding Others.



The Nuts-N-Bolts training series provides anyone with management responsibilities with knowledge, tools, and skill development topics to successfully manage, engage, develop, and retain employees.  Each month a 2-hour session is held on various topics such as Progressive Discipline, Evaluating Employees, Labor Relations, and Attendance Management.

Educator skills

The Clinical Teaching Series (CTS)

The CTS is designed to enhance faculty skills in clinical teaching through interactive workshops, as well as to establish a sense of collegiality among teachers across the institution. The sessions are taught by a group of master educators.

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

The TLC supports excellence in instruction at OHSU and helps faculty implement evidence-based best practices that maximize a student's academic potential.

Research skills


Research Administration Training and Education (RATE)

RATE operates within RDA's Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) and is engaged in the effort to centralize training opportunities and resources for researchers, research administrators, and others working in support of the research mission.


OCTRI Research Services

OCTRI Research Services has a wide array of resources to help investigators and research staff plan and implement successful research studies. OCTRI also provides funding and support for novel translational research projects and educational opportunities for faculty, fellows, students, and study coordinators.


Human Investigations Program (HIP)

The Human Investigations Program offers an integrated clinical and translational research education curriculum.


Translational Research Education at OHSU

Research Funding & Development Services (RFDS)

RFDS helps OHSU researchers with funding opportunities, proposals, grantsmanship, and research-related professional development.