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The central commitment of the OHSU Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness is to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases across the lifespan in current and future generations by promoting healthy, nutrient-rich diets based on whole-foods in early life – before conception, during pregnancy and lactation, and in infancy and early childhood.

The scientific cornerstone of the Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness is a discipline in which OHSU is already internationally recognized: the developmental origins of health and disease, which includes the vital relationships between maternal prenatal diet, fetal health and adult onset disease.

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The Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness is hosting the International Summit on the Nutrition of Adolescent Girls and Young Women May 14-17, 2015. Global leaders will be invited to participate in the summit, which will address:

  • How food availability and food choices among girls and young women can be improved.
  • What international and local policies and practices would benefit the status of women across the globe and improve their access to nutritious food.

A public symposium with select world-renowned summit participants and local experts will take place the day prior to the summit.The day will focus on the importance of nutrition from conception to age 2 in reducing risk for chronic diseases, how the rise of chronic disease has coincided with a move away from fresh produce and whole grains toward increased consumption of processed foods, and how we can change our current food culture to support good nutrition for all.

More information about the summit and the public symposium will be posted here as available.

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Check out our video and radio archives of Moore Institute leaders speaking on the developmental origins of health and disease.

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