Equipment Used

The high energy rays used for radiation therapy can come from a variety of sources.

The goal of radiation therapy is to get enough radiation into the body to kill the cancer cells while preventing damage to healthy tissue. This is done by using one of several machines, that have the ability to be aimed precisely at the same target or targets, each and every time treatment is given.

Machines Used

  • Varian 6100 Linear Accelerator (Linac)
  • Varian 2100EX Linear Accelerator (Linac)
  • Nomos Corvus
  • Pinnacle
  • Eclipse
  • BrainLab Stereotactic Radiotherapy system
  • Philips Gemini TOFlight CT-PET with simulator laser set-up & 4D capability
  • Philips Brilliance BigBore 16-slice CT with EBW
  • Philips Precedence CT-SPECT with simulator laser set-up & 4D capability
  • Philips MR 1Tesla equipped with flat table top
  • Philips MR 3.0 (2 units) & 1.5 Tesla (1 unit)
  • Siemens MR 3.0 70, & 11.Tesla research units
  • TomoTherapy at OHSU Featuring Tomo HD (high-definition)
  • Imaging3 Mobile Cone-beam CT
  • Dual Varian Trilogy with US image-guidance, optical guidance, & BrainLab suite (M3, cones)
  • Calypso
  • Varian Acuity cone-beam simulator
  • Varian 21 EX