Lectures from recent & current courses taught by various experts in the individual topics are posted below. While some effort has been made to cite data from published work, please  note that references are missing occasionally. As most of the primary information is cited correctly in the Hall & Giaccia text, please refer to it to obtain primary references in many cases. 

Radiation Biology for Radiation Oncologists

Molecular Biology – Techniques and Concepts

Signaling Pathways Impacting Radiation Sensitivity.

Cell cycle

Mechanics of Cell Death and Cell Fate

Hereditary Effects of Radiation

DNA Repair Mechanisms

Introduction to Molecular Cancer Biology 

Tumor Vasculature & Hypoxic Environment 

Introduction to Radiation Biology 

Radiation-induced Chromosomal Damage 

Cell, Tissue & Tumor Kinetics in XRT

LET, RBE and a/ß Ratios.

Normal Tissue Responses in XRT

Total Body Irradiation

Therapeutic Ratio

Time, Dose & Fractionation

Tumor Pathology

Radiosensitizers, Bioreductive drugs, Radioprotectors.

Predictive Assays

Chemotherapeutic agents and radiation therapy

Alternative Modalities


Low dose radiation

Hyperthermia, Therapeutic targets and novel strategies

Radiation Exposure & Protection

Radiation Teratology

Proteomics Workshop

American Association of Cancer Research - Molecular Biology in Clinical Oncology Workshop.  The Given Institute, Aspen Colorado.


Aspen 2006

Aspen 2007

Cancer Biology

The Tumor Microenvironment  & Angiogenesis: Relationship to Solid Tumor Progression

Tumor Microenvironments Slides

Genetic Screening

Genetic Screening and Expression Vector Design Lectures. Research Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology.

XRT & Target Development

Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy & Molecular Target Development


Choosing an Academic Career

Choosing an Academic Career - Out of the Frying Pan & into the Fire.