Welcome prospective labmates! As the Primary Investigator (P.I.) it is my responsibility to make it clearly understood both what I expect from people in my lab and what you, in turn, can expect from me as a boss, mentor and eventually as a colleague. I expect alot from every in the lab starting with myself. When I was training at Stanford, there was a small plaque in an elevator that read, "You are likely not the most intelligent person here. What then will you do to distinguish yourself?".  I attempted to answer that provocative question by trying to become the hardest worker I could be, making the smartest use of my time, being the most well-read and being as imaginative and innovative in everything I did as possible. While undoubtedly, I was never the "best" in any of these areas, I did give it my honest best shot. That is all I expect from everyone in my lab, to try their very best from the day they begin a rotation to the day they leave the lab (and hopefully thereafter).

To the left, I provide some information on how I run the lab, what projects are available and some info on training opportunities (with more on my lab link). I hope that you find our work interesting and consider giving our lab. a try. I try to maintain an fun, supportive and intellectually challenging lab atmosphere that is highly interactive with other research groups here at OHSU and across the world.