Camille J. Lodwick, PhD

Staff Title:

Assistant Professor


Radiation Medicine


Therapeutic Radiation Physics
Director of Oregon Medical Physics Graduate Program: A collaboration between Oregon State University, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics, and Oregon Health Sciences University, Department of Radiation Medicine.
Degrees offered: MS and PhD in Medical Physics (Therapeutic Radiological Physics)


PhD: Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, University of Cincinnati, 2003
MS: Health Physics, University of Cincinnati, 1998
BS: Radiation Health Physics, Oregon State University, 1997

Research Interests:

Hybrid Monte-Carlo and analytical radiation transport methodologies for treatment planning algorithms. Radiation dosimetry and dose verification for advanced radiotherapy techniques.


Lodwick CJ, Spitz HB. 'Modification to the Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP) code for simulating direct, in vivo measurement of stable lead in bone'. Health Physics. June 2008

Lodwick CJ, Hamby DM. VARSKIN 4 Photon Dosimetry Model of the Skin – Nuclear Regulatory Commission Software Development Grant, Co-PI, 2008-2009

Lodwick CJ, Spitz HB. 'Monte Carlo simulation of an anthropometric phantom used for calibrating in vivo K-XRF spectroscopy measurements of stable lead in bone'. Health Physics. December 2008.

Daniels R, Lodwick CJ. Schubauer-Berigan M. Spitz HB. 'Assessment of Plutonium Exposures for an Epidemiologic Study of US Nuclear Workers'. Radiation Protection Dosimetry. September 2005