Research Projects

Current and Recent Projects in PHPM

     -These grants are only those in which PHPM faculty are the principal investigator at OHSU, and they only represent a portion of the research and public health initiatives that our faculty participate in.



  • Dongseok Choi

This study seeks to identify putative transcription factors that regulate gene expressions in response to a common treatment to glaucoma.


  • Thuan Nguyen
Collaborative Research: Best Predictive Small Are Estimation
The goal is to develop a new method of small area estimation that will potentially lead to dramatic accuracy improvement over the traditional methods in practical situations.


Fence Methods for Mixed Model Selection: Theory and Applications
The goal is to study the extension of Fence method to the field of bioinformatics, statistical genetics, small area estimation; to advance method to broaden the application of method; to implement the method in a user-friendly package.





  • Thomas M. Becker

The center is designed to meet the disease prevention and health promotion concerns of regional tribal and other under-served communities in the Pacific Northwest.  Hearing loss occurs at high rates in tribal people and will be addressed with our core research project as we modify and disseminate an innovative, well-tested hearing loss prevention program.


  • Janne Boone-Heinonen
Life course impacts on obesity and health disparities: integration of perinatal health

This award provides professional development, interdisciplinary mentoring and training, and research support for women's health research. It expands upon Dr. Boone-Heinonen's existing expertise in obesity epidemiology and social and environmental determinants of obesity to include perinatal epidemiology and fetal programming mechanisms.


  • Kathleen Carlson
Development and Evaluation of Veteran Supportive Supervisor Training (VSST): Reintergration of the Oregon National Guard and Reserves into the Workplace

The goal of this project is to develop and evaluate in a randomized controlled trial a veteran-supportive supervisor training.(Subcontract through Portland State University)

  • William Lambert
Nurturing Healthy and Empowered Youth in American Indian Communities

The HEY Program delivered an enhanced version of the Native STAND curriculum, a comprehensive healthy decision-making curriculum, to high school youth of the Shoshone and Bannock tribes in Fort Hall, Idaho.

  • Carrie Nielson
Mineralization Gene Variants: Biochemical Implications and Associations with BMD

The goal of this project is to determine the genetic reasons for variation in bone strength in older people, which will enable better prevention and treatment interventions for osteoporosis.

  • Seth O'Neal
Targeted screening for Taenia solium tapeworms
The goal of this study is to evaluate a community screening intervention for control of Taenia solium infection.

Taenia solium infection among refugees from Burma

The goal of this study is to describe the prevalence of Taenia solium infection among humans and pigs in refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border.


Community-based control of cysticercosis
The goal of this study is to evaluate community-based surveillance and intervention for control of Taenia solium infection




  • Dennis McCarty
Western States Node of the Clinical Trials Network

This program conducts clinical trials for drug abuse disorders in collaboration with community treatment programs and research centers participating in the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network.

Integrating Addiction Treatment and Medical Care in a Commercial Health Plan

Collaboration with Aetna Behavioral Healthcare to implement medication-assisted treatments for alcohol and opioid dependence.

An Epidemiological Study Among Patients Prescribed Oxycontin

Analysis of OxyContin use and adverse effects.

Oregon's Coordinated Care Organizations Integrate Care for Drug Use Disorders

Study on the impacts of implementation of health care reforms in Oregon on treatment for substance use disorders.


  • Ana Quinones
Complex chronic care needs of older minorities with Diabetes Mellitus

The goal of this research is to understand the challenges of multimorbidty on the functional independence of older adults. This research investigates the course of multimorbidity and disability, the role of neighborhood structure and composition, and the benefits of comprehensive care management models of care delivery for older minorities in the US.

  • Traci Rieckmann
Northwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center

The Center's mission is to help addictions counselors, program administrators, educators and others stay connected to the latest research and information on what works in addiction treatment and to help facilitate systems change and improvement.

NARA Totem Health Project-Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration

Evaluation study which seeks to determine the extent at which primary health care services are provided to American Indian/Alaskan Native individuals who have serious mental illnesses and who may have co-occurring substance use disorders.

Vivitrol Pilot Program Evaluation
An evaluation examining a systematic pilot project model for supporting the integration of extended-release naltrexone (Vivitrol) for opioid dependence into the Hooper Detoxification Stabilization Center.