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The Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine is composed of the three divisions: Epidemiology, Health Services Research, and Biostatistics. Each division conducts field-specific research but also provides support for one another and for other departments within OHSU. The department is always actively engaging in collaborations with other universities and research organizations to forge alliances for, as well as to increase the potential of, prevention and intervention projects that benefit public health.


The Division's research portfolio includes studies of the epidemiology of cancer (breast, colorectal, prostate, skin, ovarian), a patient navigator program for American Indians, diet and nutrition, and aging. The Department has received designation as a Prevention Research Center. The Center will help foster research relationships with special populations, including Native Americans, those with disabilities, the Veterans Administration population, and the Medicaid population. In addition, based on the interdepartmental relationships of division members, clinical research opportunities for epidemiology are available in a variety of fields including molecular epidemiology, the epidemiology of aging, epidemiology of the built environment, and community based research.

Epidemiology Current Projects

The Division of Health Services Research serves as a home for health services research within Oregon Health and Science University. We have a strong portfolio of research that examines the organization, delivery and financing of services for alcohol, drug and mental health disorders and the outcomes of those services. A focus on the nexus of policy, practice, and research characterizes much of the work; investigators collaborate with practitioners to assess the impacts of organizational change, implementation of evidence-based practices, and promote the adoption of evidence-based practices.

Health Services Research Current Projects



The division members maintain active methodology research in biostatistics and broad interdisciplinary research through collaborations with other investigators. Biostatistical research topics include Bayesian analysis, categorical data analysis, complex sampling, clinical trial design, spatial-temporal modeling, statistical computing, statistical genetics and survival analysis

Biostatistics Current Projects

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