Patricia Silk Walker, RN, PhD



BSN (1970) University of Oklahoma, Nursing
MSN (1973) Wayne State University, Child Psychiatric Nursing and Community Mental Health
PhD (1993) University of Washington, Nursing & Epidemiology

Experience and Interests

Dr. Silk Walker is a child psychiatric clinical specialist with a focus on community mental health and American Indians. She is project director and co-investigator of an NIAAA funded project, housed in the department of psychiatry, that studies urban American Indian youth and women. Dr. Silk Walker's research is prospective, longitudinal assessment of risk and protective factors associated with alcohol, drug and other mental health problems. Her work in psychiatric epidemiology is now in its tenth year of annual assessments with several cohorts of young adults followed from age eleven.

Recent Publications

Walker, R.D., Howard, M.O., Walker, P.S., Lambert, M.D., Maloy, F., & Suchinsky, R.T. Essential and reactive alcoholism: A review. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 52(1): 80-95. 1996

Howard, M.O., Walker, R.D., Walker, P.S. & Suchinsky, R.T. Alcohol and drug education in schools of nursing. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 42(3): 54-80, 1997

Howard, M.O., Walker, R.D., Walker, P.S., Cottler, L.B. & Compton, W.M. Inhalant use among urban American Indian youth. Addiction, 94(1): 83-95, 1999