Katherine J. Riley, EdD



BS (1964) University of Oregon
MA (1966) Washington State University
EdD (1973) UCLA

Primary Mission within the Department

  • Retired - participate as needed

Experience and Interests

Previously served as Director of the Epidemiology and Biostatistics track of the Oregon MPH Program and was responsible for track curriculum, administrative coordination, student interface, and liaison activities with other Oregon MPH tracks.  Her past experience includes administrative positions at OHSU and UCLA and teaching sociology of education topics at UCLA and sociology and minority relations in community colleges in California. She previously taught Women's Health Epidemiology and Adolescent Risky Behavior Epidemiology (with Traci Rieckmann, PhD). Her research interests include group process, adolescent risky behavior, women's health, substance abuse, and educational evaluation. 

Recent Publications

Riley, K.J., Srikanth, P., Choi, D. & McCarty, D. (2012). Treatment length and outcomes among adolescents A secondary data analysis. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy, 7: 35 doi:10.1186/1747-597X-7-35. August 16, 2012.

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