Donald Pierce, PhD



BS (1961) Oklahoma State University, Engineering
MS (1963) Oklahoma State University, Operations Research
PhD (1965) Oklahoma State Univesrity, Statistics
Postdoc (1966) Johns Hopkins University, Operations Research

Previous Positions

Department of Statistics, Oregon State University (1966-1995)
Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Hiroshima (1981-2004)

Activities in the Department

Mentoring of Biostatistics Faculty
Collaboration/Consulting with other researchers
Statistical Methodology Research

Experience & Interest

Biostatistics methodology (Survival analysis, GLMs, covariate errors, etc). Higher-order likelihood asymptotics. Radiation epidemiology.

Recent Publications

Pierce, D. A., Vaeth, M. and Shimizu, Y. (2006). Selection bias in cancer risk estimation from A-bomb survivors. Radiation Research.

Pierce, D.A. and Bellio, R. (2006). Effects of the reference set on frequentist inferences. Biometrika, 93, 425-38.

Pierce, D.A. and Kellerer, A.M. (2004). Adjusting for covariate errors with nonparametric assessment of the true covariate distribution. Biometrika 91, 863-76.

Preston, D.L., Pierce, D.A., Shimizu, Y., Cullings, H.M., Fujita, S, Funamoto, S, Kodama, K. (2004). Effect of recent atomic bomb survivor dosimetry changes on cancer mortality risk estimates. Radiation Research 162, 377-89.

Asakawa, J., Kuick, R., Kodiara, M., Nakamura, N., Katayama, H., Pierce, D. A., et al. (2004). A genome scanning approach to assess the genetic effects of radiation in mice and humans. Radiation Research161, 380-390.

Pierce, D.A. (2003). Commentary: Mechanistic models for radiation carcinogenesis and the atomic bomb survivor data. Radiation Research 160, 718-723. [Response and reply letters: V. 161, 369-371].

Preston, D.L., Shimizu, Y., Pierce, D.A., Suyama, A. and Mabuchi, K. (2003). Studies of mortality of atomic bomb survivors, Report 13: Solid cancer and noncancer mortality 1950 –1997. Radiation Research 160, 381-407.

Preston, D.L., Pierce, D.A., Shimizu, Y., Ron, E., and Mabuchi, K. (2003). Dose response and temporal patterns of radiation-associated solid cancer risks. Health Physics85, 43-46.

Pierce, D.A., Sharp, G.B. and Mabuchi, K. (2003). Joint effects of radiation and smoking on lung cancer risk among atomic bomb survivors. Radiation Research159, 511-520.

Pierce, D.A. and Vaeth, M (2003). Age-time patterns of cancer to be anticipated from exposure to general mutagens. Biostatistics 4, 231-248.