Thuan Nguyen, MD, PhD

Associate Professor


M.D. (1995) Hue University, School of Medicine, Vietnam
M.S. (2002) in Statistics, California State University, Hayward
Ph.D. (2008) in Biostatistics, University of California, Davis

Primary Mission within the Department

Provide services, teaching and research in Statistics.

Experience and Interests

Dr. Nguyen is a biostatistician with primary interest in statistical modeling of various data in medicine and biology. In addition, she has interests in mixed effects models, model selection, longitudinal data analysis, small area estimation, missing data techniques, and statistical genetics–QTL mapping, linkage analysis

Recent Publications

Rajarshi Mazumder, William E. Lambert, Thuan Nguyen, Dennis N. Bourdette, Michelle H. Cameron (2014). Fear of Falling is Associated with Recurrent Falls in People with Multiple Sclerosis: A Longitudinal Cohort Study.  International Journal of Multiple Sclerosis Care, accepted.

Anna E. Wentz, Lynne  C. Messer, Thuan Nguyen, & Janne Boone-Heinonen (2014),  Small and large size for gestational age and neighborhood deprivation measured within increasing proximity to homes.  Health & Place, in press.

Lee-Lin, F., Pedhiwala, N., Nguyen, T., & Menon, U.(2014), Breast Health Intervention Effects on Knowledge and Beliefs Over time among Chinese American Immigrants - A Randomized Controlled Study. Journal of Cancer Education, in press.

Jiang, J., Nguyen, T., and Rao, J. S. (2014), Observed best prediction via nested-error regression with potentially misspecified mean and variance. Survey Methodology, in press. 

Mark Merkens, Nancy Sinden, Christine Brown, Louise Merkens, Jean-Baptiste Roullet, Thuan Nguyen, and Robert Steiner (2014), Feeding Impairments in Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome. Journal of Pediatrics, in press.

Izumi, Findholt, Pickus, Cuneo, Nguyen (2014), SNACZ: Inter-rater reliability of a checklist to assess availability of healthy snack foods and beverages. Childhood Obesity, in press. 

Ryan Olson, Brad Wipfli, Robert Wright, Layla Garrigues, Thuan Nguyen (2014), Reliability and Validity of the Home Care STAT (Safety Task Assessment Tool). Applied Ergonomics, in press.

Jiang, J., Nguyen, T., and Rao, J. S. (2014), The E-MS algorithm: Model selection with incomplete data. Journal of the American Statistical Association, DOI: 10.1080/01621459.2014.948545

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