William E. Morton, MD, DrPH

Professor Emeritus, Public Health and Preventive Medicine

DrPH (1962) University of Michigan
MPH (1960) University of Michigan
MD (1955) University of Washington
BS (1952) University of Puget Sound

Experience and Interests
After 12 years of work on cardiovascular disease screening and environmental epidemiology, Dr. Morton's emphasis shifted to the occupational and environmental epidemiology of various cancers, with particular attention to the health effects of non-ionizing radiation. For the last 15 years, his work has concentrated on the clinical diagnosis of occupational and environmental toxic conditions. Dr. Morton has taught epidemiology for 35 years and occupational medicine for 25 years.

Recent Publications
W Morton, D Phillips: Cancer promotion by radiowave emissions (abstract). Epidemiology 11:S57, 2000.

WE Morton: Historical Cohort study of Usman-made vitreous fiber production workers (letter).J.
Occup. Envir. Med 44:106-107, 2002.

WE Morton: Occupational Thyroid cancer? (letter). J. Occup. Environ.Med. 44:307, 2002.

WE Morton: Solvent-included toxic encephalophathy (letter). J.Occup. Environ.Med.44:393-394, 2002.