Jessica Minnier, PHD

Assistant Professor



PhD (2012) Harvard University, Biostatistics

AM (2009) Harvard University, Biostatistics

BA (2007) Lewis & Clark College, Mathematics

Major Areas of Research

Risk prediction models; Statistical genetics; Analysis of large medical data including electronic health records; Statistical methodology for high dimensional data; Perturbation resampling methods; Machine learning and variable selection

Experience and Interests

Dr. Minnier is a biostatistician with interest in the analysis of high dimensional data including genetic/genomics data, risk prediction models to improve disease screening and prevention, and statistical methodology with applications in cardiovascular health and oncology.

Recent Publications

McDaniel S, Minnier J, Betensky RA, Mohapatra G, Shen Y, Gusella J, Louis D, Cai T. (2010). Assessing Population Level Genetic Instability via Moving Average. Statistics in Biosciences, 2(2), 120-136.

Minnier J, Tian L, Cai T. (2011). A Perturbation Method for Inference on Reg- ularized Regression Estimates. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 106(496), 1371-1382

Perlis RH, Iosifescu DV, Castro VM, Murphy SN, Gainer VS, Minnier J, Cai T, Goryachev S, Zeng Q, Gallagher PJ, Fava M, Weilburg JB, Churchill SE, Kohane IS, Smoller JW. (2012). Using Electronic Medical Records to Enable Large-Scale Studies in Psychiatry: Treatment Resistant Depression as a Model. Psychological Medicine, 42(1), 41-50.