Mike Lasarev, MS

Senior Instructor


1994, Master of Science Statistics, Oregon State University
1992, Bachelor of Science Mathematics, California State University, Bakersfield


Senior Instructor, Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University
Research Associate, Center for Research on Occupationaland Environmental Toxicology, Oregon Health & Science University

Courses Taught

Biometry Survey (phpm 524)
Biostatistics I & II (phpm 525/526)
Biostatistics (hip 512/529)

Thesis Work

  • Seth O’Neal, MPH (2010). “Surveillance for Taenia Solium parasitic infection in Oregon.”
  • Heather J. Rectenwald, MPH (2010). “Neurobehavioral effects of chronic low-level pesticide exposure in children.”
  • Allison Fairbanks, MPH (2009). “Annual atherosclerosis progression and concurrent lifestyle modification: a pilot study.”
  • Julie Ann Feifers, MS (2009). “Omega-3 fatty acids, inflammation, and outcome in men with and without prostate cancer.”
  • Mimi Choate, MPH (2008). “Barriers, enhancements, and provider productivity in Primary Care Renewal in two Portland-area safety net clinics.”


Recent Publications

  • L.M. Denneson, M.R. Lasarev, K.C. Dickinson, and S.K. Dobscha. Alcohol consumption and health status in very old veterans. Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology, December 14, 2010 [e-pub ahead of print]. pmid: 21156988
  • J.F. Muñiz, L.A. McCauley, V. Pak, M.R. Lasarev, and G.E. Kisby. Effects of sample collection and storage conditions on DNA damage in buccal cells from agricultural workers. Mutation Research, December 5, 2010 [e-pub ahead of print]. pmid: 21138773
  • M.A. Silverman, S. Kaech, E.M. Ramser, X. Lu, M.R. Lasarev, S. Nagalla, and G. Banker. Expression of kinesin superfamily genes in cultured hippocampal neurons. Cytoskeleton, 67:784–795,2010. pmid: 20862690
  • M.S. Turker, L. Connolly, C. Dan, M. Lasarev, et al. Comparison of autosomal mutations in mouse kidney epithelial cells exposed to iron ions in situ or in culture. Radiation Research, 172:558–566, 2010. pmid: 19883223

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