Shannon McWeeney, PhD

Associate Professor

Knight Cancer Institute
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd CR-145
Portland, OR 97239  

Phone: (503) 494-8347
Fax: (503) 494-7086


PhD (2000) University of California, Berkeley, Statistical Genetics
MSE (2002) University of Pennsylvania, Computational Biology

Administrative Positions

Director, Informatics Shared Resource, Knight Cancer Institute
Director, Translational Bioinformatics Program, Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute 

Research Interests

Statistical Genetics, Computational Biology,  Network Reconstruction, Statistical Methodology for functional genomics data, data cleaning and data integration

Recent Publications

Hitzemann R, Edmunds S, Wu W, Malmanger B, Walter N, Belknap J, Darakjian P, McWeeney S. (2009) Detection of reciprocal quantitative trait loci for acute ethanol withdrawal and ethanol consumption in heterogeneous stock mice. Psychopharmacology 203(4):713-22.

Hitzemann R, Malmanger B, Belknap J,  Darakjian P, McWeeney S. (2008) Short-term selective breeding for High and Low prepulse inhibition of the acoustic startle response. Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior. 90(4):525-33.

Lee J, Spidlen J, Boyce K, Cai J, Crosbie N, Dalphin M, Furlong J, Gasparetto M, Goldberg M, Goralcyzk E, Hyun B, Jansen K, Kollman T, Kong M, Leif R, McWeeney S, Moloshok T, Moore W, Nolan G, Nolan J, Nikolich-Zugich J, Parrish D, Purcell B, Qian Y, Selvaraj B, Smith C, Tchuvakina O, Wertheimer A, Wilkinson P, Wilson C, Wood J, Zigon R, The International Society for Analytical Cytology Data Standards Task Force, Scheuermann R, Brinkman R. (2008)  MIFlowCyt: The Minimum Information About a Flow Cytometry Experiment. Cytometry. 73(10):926-30.

Walter N, McWeeney S, Peters S, Belknap J, Hitzemann R and K Buck (2007) SNPs matter: impact on detection of differential expression. Nature Methods. 9:679-80.

Yochum GS, Rajaraman V, Cleland R, McWeeney S. (2007) Localization of TFIIB binding regions using serial analysis of chromatin occupancy. BMC Mol Biol. 8:102

Laderas T, Bystrom C, McMillen D, Fan G, McWeeney S (2007) TandTRAQ: An open-source tool for integrated protein identification and quantitation. Bioinformatics. 23(24):3394-6.

Laderas T and S McWeeney (2007) Consensus framework for exploring microarray data using multiple clustering methods. OMICS. 11:116-28.

Yochum G, McWeeney S, Rajaraman V, Cleland R, Peters S and Goodman RH (2007) Serial analysis of chromatin occupancy identifies beta-catenin target genes in colorectal carcinoma cells PNAS  104: 3324-3329