William E. Lambert, PhD



PhD University of California, Irvine


Before coming to OHSU, he held a number of positions at the University of New Mexico including: Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, School of Medicine; Principal Investigator, Epidemiology and Cancer Control Program, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center; and Research Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine.

Research Interests

The accurate assessment of human exposure to toxic chemicals is an essential activity in environmental epidemiology. My research utilizes instrumental monitoring, biological markers, survey research, and observational methods to quantify the frequency and magnitude of exposures in community and workplace settings. As part of an interdisciplinary team of scientists at CROET, I am assessing exposure to organophoshate pesticides in children of migrant farm workers. Dialkyl phosphate metobolites are measured in serially collected urine samples to estimate acute and chronic exposure. These biomarkers have the potential to characterize exposures and health risks in a group whose seasonal movement has to this point presented a formidable barrier to surveillance. In a new area of research, I am working with the Yakima Nation Fisheries Program to evaluate health risks posed to tribal members who eat fish from the Colubmbia River system that are contaminated with PCBs, organochlorines, and metals.

I have a longstanding interest in the assessment of exposure to gaseous and particulate air pollutants, and the measurement of cardiac, respiratory, and renal health effects. This research has involved the characterization of exposure-response relationships and the identification of factors influencing susceptibility to carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, respirable particles, environmental tobacco smoke, and silica and uranium dusts.

Selected Publications

Rischitelli, G., McCauley, L., Lambert, W., Lasarev, M., and Mahoney, E. (2001) A study of the seroprevalence of hepatitis C among Oregon public safety workers. CROET, OHSU, 25 pages.

McCauley, L.A., Rischitelli, G., Lambert, W., Lasarev, M., Sticker, D.L., and Spencer, P.S. (2001) Symptoms of Gulf War veterans possibly exposed to organophosphate chemical warfare agents at Kamisiyah, Iraq. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health 7, 79-89.

Bosken, C.H., hunt, W.C., Lambert, W., and Samet, J.M. (2000) A parental history of asthma is a risk factor for wheezing and nonwheezing respiratory illness in infants younger than 18 months of age. American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine 161, 1810-1815.

Lambert, W., Samet, J.M., and Dockery, D.W. (1998) Community air pollution. IN: Environmental and Occupational Medicine, 3rd edition, (Rom, W.N. Ed.), Lippincott-Raven, Philadelphia, pp 1501-1521