Jeong Youn Lim, PhD

Staff Biostatistician



BS(2005)  Korea University, Seoul, Korea, Life Science
PhD(2012) University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, Biostatistics

Areas of Research/Scholarly Interest:

Survival analysis, competing risks, residual life analysis, and quantile regression

Recent Publications

  • Longenberger, A, Lim, JY, Orchard, T, Brooks, MM, Brach, KJ, Mertz, L, and Kingsley, LA.  Self-reported low physical function is associated with diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance in HIV-positive and HIV-negative men. Future HIV Therapy, 2009.  2(6);539-549.
  • Longenberger, A, Lim, JY, Brown, TT, Abraham, A, Palella, FJ Jr., Effros, RB, Orchard, T, Brooks, MM, and Kingsley, LA.  Low physical function as a risk factor for incident diabetes mellitus in the multicenter AIDS cohort study. Future Virolog, 2011. 6(4);439-449.
  • Jeong Youn Lim, Jong-Hyeon Jeong, “Cause-Specific Quantile Residual Life Regression” (Accepted for a special edition of Lifetime Data Analysis)